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Our America Acquisitions

The 2013 exhibition Our America: The Latino Presence in American Art presents the rich and varied contributions of Latino artists in the United States since the mid-twentieth century, when the concept of a collective Latino identity began to emerge. The exhibition is drawn entirely from the Smithsonian American Art Museum's pioneering collection of Latino art. Of the 92 modern and contemporary artworks featured in the exhibition, 63 were acquired by the museum between 2011–2013, representing its deep and continuing commitment to collecting Latino art. Artworks were selected by E. Carmen Ramos, the museum's curator of Latino art.

Selected new acquisitions that will be featured in the exhibition include:

Larry Levan (snake)

Elia Alba, Larry Levan (snake)


Olga Albizu, Radiante

Decoy Gang War Victim

Asco (Harry Gamboa Jr., Gronk, Willie Herrón, and Patssi Valdez),
Decoy Gang War Victim

Me, We

Jesse Amado, Me, We

Night Magic (Blue Jester)

Carlos Almaraz, Night Magic (Blue Jester)

No Parking Here Anytime

Luis Cruz Azaceta, No Parking Here Anytime


Myrna Báez, Platanal

Brown Blender

Margarita Cabrera, Brown Blender


María Magdalena Campos-Pons, Constellation

Humanscape 62

Melesio "Mel" Casas, Humanscape 62

El Tamalito del Hoyo

Roberto Chavez, El Tamalito del Hoyo


Marcos Dimas, Pariah

Maria's Great Expedition

Christina Fernandez, María's Great Expedition

Nocturnal (Horizon Line)

Teresita Fernández, Nocturnal (Horizon Line)

Zoot Suit

Ignacio Gomez, Zoot Suit

Blanco y Verde

Carmen Herrera, Blanco y Verde

Humane Borders Water Station

Delilah Montoya, Humane Borders Water Station

Sin Titulo

Arturo Rodríguez, Sin Titulo

La Playa Negra I (Tar Beach I)

Antonio Martorell, La Playa Negra I (Tar Beach I)

Crystal City

Franco Mondini-Ruiz, Crystal City


Carlos Irizarry, Moratorium

Cowboy and Raphael Montañez Ortiz, Cowboy and "Indian" Film

SPIN (orange)

Paul Henry Ramirez, SPIN (orange)


Sophie Rivera, Untitled


Ruben Trejo, Mandalas

Danza de Carnaval

Freddy Rodríguez, Danza de Carnaval


Jorge Soto Sánchez, Untitled

Pure Plantainum

Miguel Luciano, Pure Plantainum


Alberto Valdés, Untitled