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Thomas Seir Cummings

Also Known as: T. S. Cummings, Thomas S. Cummings

Bath, England 1804

Hackensack, New Jersey 1894

Active in:

  • New York, New York

Luce Artist Quote

“Works in miniature should possess the same beauty of composition, correctness of drawing, breadth of light and shade, brilliancy, truth of colour, and firmness of touch, as works executed on a larger scale.” Thomas Seir Cummings, quoted in William Dunlap, History of American Design, 1834

Luce Artist Biography

Thomas Seir Cummings was widely considered the best-trained American miniaturist of his day, and was among the most successful and prolific miniaturists of the second quarter of the nineteenth century. He helped found the National Academy of Design in 1826, and taught miniature painting there for more than thirty years.