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William Dawson Portrait

William Dawson

Also Known as: William R. Dawson

Huntsville, Alabama 1901

Chicago, Illinois 1990

Photo Caption:
Kenneth C. Burkhart and Russell B. Phillips

Luce Artist Quote

“It makes me happy to do it because I make so many people happy who look at my work. I never had a dream it would come to this.” The artist, quoted in Folk Art Messenger, Winter 1990

Luce Artist Biography

William Dawson grew up on a farm in Huntsville, Alabama. In 1923 he moved to Chicago, where he worked in a wholesale food market for almost forty years. After he retired, he took painting and ceramics classes at a Chicago senior center. He was bored, however, and started carving figures, animals, and totems from discarded pieces of furniture. He got up at five in the morning to work on his sculptures, and would make a new piece every day. Eventually, his wife persuaded him to move some of his pieces out of the house and he took them to a local library. The library agreed to exhibit his work, and the entire show sold out.