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Jean Pierre Henri Elouis

Also Known as: Henry Elouis, Henry Elouiz, Jean Henri Elouis, Henri Elouis

Caen, France 1755

Caen, France 1840

Active in:

  • Maryland
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Luce Artist Biography

Jean Pierre Henri Elouis immigrated to the United States during the French Revolution, and began calling himself Henry Elouis. He worked primarily in Maryland and Philadelphia between 1791 and 1799, and during that time taught drawing to Eleanor Custis, Martha Washington’s granddaughter. For the next five years, Elouis traveled in South America as a draftsman with the German naturalist Baron Alexander von Humboldt. Elouis returned to France in 1807, and in 1814 was appointed curator of the Caen museum in Normandy.