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Frederick Eversley

Also Known as: Fred Eversley, Frederick John Eversley, Frederick J. Eversley

New York, New York 1941

Active in:

  • Venice, California

Luce Artist Quote

“I am involved with using art as a phenomenon . . . I am dealing with real energies, forces, space, time, and matter.” Artist’s statement, 1978

Luce Artist Biography

Frederick Eversley earned an engineering degree from the Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburgh, and spent several years supervising the design and construction of laboratories for NASA. He moved to California in 1964 and after three years working in the stock market, decided to quit his job to pursue a career in art. His cast plastic sculptures employ polished surfaces and translucent colors that interact with the natural light. In this way, the artist makes what he calls “kinetic art” that does not need mechanical movement or artificial effects. Eversley is inspired by energy in all its forms, and his work explores ways to capture and make use of the earth’s natural resources.