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Frances Felten Portrait

Frances Felten

Alsen, New York, 1905

Winsted, Connecticut, 1976

Luce Artist Quote

“My work is my play. My earliest memories, from the time I could hold the simplest tools, are of making things.” Frances Felten, Craft Multiples, 1975

Luce Artist Biography

Frances Felten discovered art at a very young age while growing up in the Hudson-Catskill area in upstate New York. She moved to New York City to study art at the Pratt Institute, where the Swiss craftsman Mauritz Loeffler sparked her interest in metalwork. After graduating, she remained at her alma mater as an instructor. She eventually stopped teaching and went into business full-time as a pewtersmith. She sold her pieces to many fashionable shops in New York, but during World War II, when pewter was a restricted metal, Felten became a toolmaker. In her later years she continued to teach and used her entire house as a studio, which she called “The Shambles.”