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Frank Fleming Portrait

Frank Fleming

Bear Creek, Alabama 1940

Active in:

  • Birmingham, Alabama

Photo Caption:
Courtesy Frank Fleming.

Luce Artist Quote

“Recreating these fantasy figures [is] . . . basically a form of self-communication. There’s just no way I can shut down my fantasies, and the work relieves me of some of the pressures.” Artist quoted in American Artist, April 1979

Luce Artist Biography

Frank Fleming was born on a farm in Alabama in 1940. He suffered from a severe speech impediment, which caused him to stop talking in school in the first grade, and he did not speak in public for the next eleven years. More comfortable in the outdoors, and because words often failed him, he came to express himself in images. Fleming found his niche at Florence State College, where he learned how to work with clay from a maid who cleaned the classrooms. The fantastic and playful quality in Fleming’s work is a product of his childhood and his involvement in the 1970s funk art movement in California.