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Carl Dern Portrait

Carl Dern

Salt Lake City, Utah 1936

San Francisco, California 2009

Active in:

  • Fairfax, California

Photo Caption:
Courtesy Carl Dern.

Luce Artist Quote

“In my own work I wanted to capture the spontaneity and economy of line [that] children use to make a dynamic, complex human figure.” Artist’s statement, 2001

Luce Artist Biography

Carl Dern learned to use different media at the San Francisco Art Institute and at the University of California, Berkeley. He creates single sculptures and assemblages that offer a chair or a ladder as a stand-in for the human figure. Dern will take a chair, for example, which represents a human figure at rest, and transform it into a symbol of physical energy, of a human being moving through space. He wants his pieces to challenge our notions “of what a human form should look like.”