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Marion Hildebrandt

Glendale, California 1925


Active in:

  • Calistoga, California

Luce Artist Quote

"My baskets are my way of talking about where and how I live. For several years I have lived in a region that is relatively undisturbed by urban intrusion . . . I share a profound appreciation for the plants that were and are here and hope this is expressed in my baskets." Artist's statement

Luce Artist Biography

Marion Hildebrandt studied at the University of California, where she received degrees in the decorative arts in 1948 and home economics in 1952. The artist lives and works in Napa Valley, California, where she collects the plants that she uses to make her baskets. Hildebrandt employs the same materials that Native Americans used when they inhabited the area, and although she does not attempt to replicate their baskets, she shares a similar appreciation for the natural materials that surround her.