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Larry Fuegen

Chamberlain, South Dakota 1952

Active in:

  • Wiscasset, Maine
  • Prescott, Arizona

Luce Artist Quote

"I like to create beautiful knives and . . . I prefer to make those which will command the attention and respect of knife enthusiasts 300 years in the future." Fuegen, quoted in Hughes, "The Smithsonian Cowboy," Blade, September 2002

Luce Artist Biography

Larry Fuegen spent his childhood learning cowboy skills on his father's cattle ranch in South Dakota. He loved to make things, and would often take knives apart so that he could attach new handles. He forged his first blade in 1975 and within twelve years was working as a full-time knifemaker in Maine. Fuegen creates every part of his knives himself and prefers to use natural materials such as antlers, sheep horn, or fossil mammoth ivory for the carved handles. He currently lives in Arizona and devotes most of his time to "art knives" that are meant to be displayed rather than used.