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Ronna Neuenschwander Portrait

Ronna Neuenschwander

Hoxie, Kansas 1954

Active in:

  • Portland, Oregon

Photo Caption:
Photograph by Kim Zumwalt.

Luce Artist Quote

"We must learn how to refine the act of living a creative life . . . The gold watch of retirement does not tick away for us . . . We have melted down the precious metals and with them we will create a work of art that will be a masterpiece in our gray-haired, wild-eyed, hard-of-hearing days." Ronna Neuenschwander, Ceramics: Art and Perception, 1995

Luce Artist Biography

Ronna Neuenschwander graduated in ceramics and became an office manager of a glass factory, working on her sculpture during her free time. After surviving a plane crash in 1979, she reconsidered her priorities and quit her job to devote herself to art. The artist traveled to Africa to study the animals that she wanted to sculpt. Along with the rest of her caravan, Ronna was stranded in the desert outside of Timbuktu when the drought prevented travel by water. Lost in the heat and dust for two days, she was sustained by the calm confidence of the native people. Ronna met her husband, Baba Wagué Diakité, in Mali, and her work blends the motifs, traditions, and materials of both of their cultures.