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Mary Van Cline Portrait

Mary Van Cline

Dallas, Texas 1954

Active in:

  • Seattle, Washington

Luce Artist Quote

“If I were to say what was the single idea that most influenced my work, I would say that it was the concept of time. To define time is like being separated by a glass wall. You think that you can walk right up to it, but the closer you get, the more you realize that you can never reach it.” Mary Van Cline, Neues Glas, 1989

Luce Artist Biography

Mary Van Cline travels extensively to find and record the images she uses in her work, searching for epic vistas of natural elements and dramatic man-made structures. Van Cline began to experiment with glass after acquiring the inventory of a 350-year-old Boston manufacturer of telescope equipment. She studied the refraction of light and began to place photographs behind prisms and planes of optical glass. Applying images directly to the glass, Van Cline often layers photographs to create surreal associations between figures and their environments.