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John Leighton Portrait

John Leighton

Also Known as: John Raymond Leighton

Hollywood, California 1948

Active in:

  • Oakland, California

Photo Caption:
Gene Ogami

Luce Artist Quote

"There's a high that you get from two or three people being completely focused on one result. You've got six hands turning the same blowpipe, and a few hours later the piece comes out great." Leighton, quoted in San Francisco State University Magazine Online, Spring/Summer 2003

Luce Artist Biography

John Leighton studied environmental design at California State University, then decided to try his hand at creating sculptures from glass. At first, glassblowing "did not come naturally" to him, but he kept at it and, since 1978, has taught glasswork at San Francisco State University. Leighton enjoys the teamwork that comes with glassblowing, and has worked with groups of artists from countries as diverse as the Czech Republic and Japan.