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Daniel Jocz Portrait

Daniel Jocz

Beloit, Wisconsin 1943

Active in:

  • Cambridge, Massachusetts

Photo Caption:
Photograph by J. Paterak.

Luce Artist Quote

“. . . all my work looks like something large is being stuffed into a small package and it wants to explode out of its smallness.” Daniel Jocz, interviewed by Robert Godfrey, Exhibition Catalogue: Uncommon Sense: A Retrospective Exhibition, 2000

Luce Artist Biography

Daniel Jocz began his career as a sculptor, but began making jewelry in the 1980s. He never took a formal class in metals and learned his skills through trial and error. “I do ask myself many times why I am doing jewelry,” he says, and traces his interest to a love of metal and working in miniature. Jocz often works in series, and his style has changed considerably since the early days of his artistic career, shifting from geometric abstractions, to lifelike forms, to playful pop art-inspired “candy wear.” Jocz admires jazz music’s improvisational rhythms, and believes a similar “chaotic order” can be found in his own jewelry.