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David Huchthausen Portrait

David Huchthausen

Also Known as: David R. Huchthausen, David Richard Huchthausen

Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin 1951

Active in:

  • Seattle, Washington

Photo Caption:
Courtesy David Huchthausen.

Luce Artist Quote

"The glass [is] a vessel for the fantasy trapped within its layers." David Huchthausen, Contemporary Art Glass Gallery, 1979

Luce Artist Biography

Although he studied architecture at the University of Wisconsin, David Huchthausen preferred to work in the art department, building sculptures from welded steel. His experiments in glass began after he discovered an old, unused glass furnace on the campus: "I didn't know what it was, but when I saw the residue of molten glass inside it, I got incredibly excited" (Huchthausen, Neues Glas, 1983). Huchthausen's home overflows with a random assortment of objects ranging from 1930s Bakelite to rattan furniture. It is an eclectic and inspiring environment that the artist considers integral to his work.