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Charles Miner Portrait

Charles Miner

Modesto, California 1947

Active in:

  • Tesuque, New Mexico

Photo Caption:
Courtesy Charles Miner.

Luce Artist Quote

"Each shape has a different story of where it has traveled and what it has endured to make it this far . . . Each piece seems to hold mysterious secrets." Charles Miner, 1999

Luce Artist Biography

Charles Miner arrived in Santa Fe in the early 1970s with, as he recalls, only "$400, four chickens, a dog, a wife, and a daughter," and began casting bronzes at the Shidoni Foundry. When the foundry was in danger of being turned into a trailer park, Miner and a group of local artists saved the complex by purchasing the land. Living out of a chicken coop, Miner established his glassworks on this land in 1975 and now works with eight other artists on his intricate castings, where a single piece can take as long as forty days to complete.