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Keith E. Lo Bue Portrait

Keith E. Lo Bue

Fairfax, Virginia 1964

Active in:

  • Sydney, Australia

Photo Caption:
Courtesy Keith E. Lo Bue.

Luce Artist Quote

"There is a deliberate effort to create in my artwork a fragile technology of bone and soil, exhumed from the scattered shards of lives preceding our own." Keith Lo Bue, artist's Web site, July 19, 2004

Luce Artist Biography

Keith Lo Bue attended the State University of New York at Purchase, receiving a degree in illustration and photography, but got his "real art education" studying at the Museum of Modern Art, where he worked as a security guard. Around 1998, Lo Bue's fascination with the miniature led him to create jewelry. The artist primarily uses found objects, things that have had a "life," including pieces from dead animals and insects and old tools.