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Robert Griffith Portrait

Robert Griffith

Berwick, Pennsylvania 1950

Active in:

  • DeSoto, Illinois
  • Montrose, Pennsylvania

Photo Caption:
Copyright unknown.

Luce Artist Quote

“[T]he best thing I can do for my personal satisfaction and fulfillment in life is to become competent with my hands in metal working.” Robert Griffith, about 1975

Luce Artist Biography

Robert Griffith combines eighteenth-century blacksmithing techniques with contemporary designs. Damascus steel, which has been used to make fine swords since the fifteenth century, is his primary material. It is made of alternating layers of hammered and folded iron and steel that create an immensely strong weapon. He is heavily influenced by traditional American folk crafts, and blames modern technology for the “extinction” of Damascus steel production. Griffith studied metalsmithing at the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, and at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, where he also taught classes.