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George Aarons Portrait

George Aarons

Also Known as: George Manuel Aarons, George M. Aarons

St. Petersburg, Russia 1896

Gloucester, Massachusetts 1980

Photo Caption:
George Aarons Archive, Courtesy the North Shore Arts Association.

Luce Artist Biography

George Aarons came to the United States from Russia when he was ten years old. He studied art at the Boston Museum School, then moved to New York to study with Paris-trained artists at the Beaux-Arts Institute of Design. After graduating, he established studios in Brookline and Gloucester, Massachusetts, and began work as a sculptor. He cast large idealized figures in bronze and marble and also experimented with direct carving in wood and stone. Aarons produced several monumental pieces for the Works Progress Administration, including a ten-foot relief for the South Boston Housing Project, and the fa├žade of the Baltimore Hebrew Congregational Building.