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Jonathan Scott Hartley Portrait

Jonathan Scott Hartley

Also Known as: J. S. Hartley, J. Scott Hartley

Albany, New York 1845

New York, New York 1912

Photo Caption:
Courtesy Photographs of Artists Collection I, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.

Luce Artist Quote

“The main effort of the sculptor . . . is to stir the sitter up and make him feel that he is not posing . . . Then the man lives, and this living quality is imparted and absorbed into the bust.” Jonathan Scott Hartley, The Art Amateur, September 1898

Luce Artist Biography

Jonathan Scott Hartley was a teenager carving tombstones for a living when the sculptor Erastus Dow Palmer discovered him. He apprenticed with Palmer for two years, developing his carving skills and knowledge of anatomy. With the older artist’s encouragement, Hartley traveled to England to study at the Royal Academy, supporting himself as a marble cutter during the day. He then traveled to Berlin, Paris, and Rome before establishing a studio in New York, where he created a sketch group for fellow artists known as the Salmagundi Club. Hartley helped to establish the Art Students League and worked there as a professor of anatomy for several years. His marble and bronze sculptures included monuments, relief carvings, and portrait busts of prominent members of New York society.