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Margaret Foote Hawley

Guilford, Connecticut 1880

New York, New York 1963

Active in:

  • Boston, Massachusetts

Luce Artist Quote

“To paint portraits, you’ve got to feel people. I like them, I adore them, I’m crazy about them.” Margaret Foote Hawley, 1925

Luce Artist Biography

Margaret Foote Hawley was trained as a painter of full-scale portraits, but was fascinated by the challenges of painting in miniature. Orphaned at the age of five, she was raised in Washington, D.C., by her aunt, Harriet Foote Hawley and her uncle, a United States senator. She graduated from the Corcoran Art School, receiving a gold medal for the best drawing from life. During her twenty-five-year career, she painted more than four hundred miniatures, won numerous awards, and served as president of the American Society of Miniature Painters.