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Frances Higgins

Also Known as: Frances Stewart Higgins, Frances Stewart

Haddock, Georgia 1912

Riverside, Illinois 2004

Active in:

  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Riverside, Illinois

Luce Artist Quote

“The history of American Glass after Louis Comfort Tiffany was a quiet story. The Higginses, along with a few others, were lone voices in the wilderness keeping interest in the material alive.” David McFadden, Chief Curator, American Craft Museum

Luce Artist Biography

Michael Higgins ran the design department at the Chicago Institute of Design, where Frances Stewart was a graduate student. They met and, as Michael described, had “not so much a whirlwind romance as a dust storm!” Frances and Michael married in 1948 and left the field of education to join the handful of artists working in studio glass. They developed unique methods of manipulating commercial plate glass that combined enameling, slumping, and laminating to produce decorative tableware.