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Rudolf Hoflehner

Linz, Austria 1916

Pantaneto, Italy 1995

Active in:

  • Vienna, Austria
  • Stuttgart, Germany
  • Sudstadt, Austria

Luce Artist Quote

“There is no clear, straightforward problem of form, but a spiritual attitude to the world which must be made manifest through form.” Rudolf Hoflehner, 1965

Luce Artist Biography

Rudolf Hoflehner studied at an industrial school in Linz, Austria, then at the Academy of Graphic Arts in Vienna. After graduation, he began sculpting in wood, creating delicate forms that emphasized the flexibility of thin twigs and branches. During the 1950s, he developed work in metal, welding massive sculptures from leftover pieces of iron in the foundry. His powerful pieces are built up from rough circles, wedges, poles, and blocks of iron, and reflect the sheer physical force used in their construction.