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Richard R. John


Luce Artist Quote

"My main satisfaction comes from the process of designing and making the pieces, and my personal attachment to most pieces seems to evaporate soon after they are completed. My happiest discovery about craft as a livelihood is that it contains within it unlimited potential for freedom and change." The artist, in a letter to the Museum, about 1975

Luce Artist Biography

Richard R. John grew up in Arlington, Virginia, and studied engineering at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech), in Blacksburg, Virginia. After two years, John decided to broaden his design focus and transferred to the Art Center College of Design in California. He began to experiment with wood after college while working at an industrial design firm in New York City. He soon bored with the position and relocated to Santa Cruz, California, "a beautiful city with much energy," to focus solely on woodworking. His pieces have been featured in several exhibitions across California and in the Renwick Craft Invitational in 1975.