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Alex Katz Portrait

Alex Katz

New York, New York 1927

Photo Caption:
Courtesy Alex Katz Papers. Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.

Luce Artist Quote

"I love the scale of billboards, the romance of billboards and the bluntness of them." Alex Katz, quoted in Russell, Alex Katz at Colby College, 1996

Luce Artist Biography

Alex Katz's paintings and sculptures monumentalize common moments of everyday life. Katz was influenced by the golden age of the billboard business when hand-painted advertisements became an art form as well as a distraction on America's highways. He paints in a simple, direct style using large areas of unmodulated colors to attract our attention. Roadside signs with moving parts, in which the figures extended beyond the billboard, also motivated Katz to produce canvas cutouts pasted onto wooden boards, fashioning life-size figures that are like huge paper dolls. (Marshall, Alex Katz, 1986)