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Mark Hewitt

Stoke-on-Trent, England 1955

Active in:

  • Pittsboro, North Carolina

Luce Artist Quote

“In using many of the same shapes, materials and recipes as the old folk potters, I am able to splice together elements of technique, shape and decoration from different parts of the world to produce a hybrid style that is both individual and yet common.” Artist quoted in Belk Gallery Exhibition, 1992

Luce Artist Biography

Mark Hewitt grew up in a home filled with pottery, as his father and grandfather were the directors of a large china manufacturing company in England. Hewitt recognized early in life that he wanted to become a potter but did not want to be trained in the academic tradition at a university. He waited until after he had graduated in 1976 to begin training as an apprentice. After working in England, the artist traveled to Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Africa, and finally settled in North Carolina, where he continues to incorporate ideas from various cultures to create pots that combine function with beauty.