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Ida Kohlmeyer Portrait

Ida Kohlmeyer

Also Known as: Ida R. Kohlmeyer

New Orleans, Louisiana 1912

New Orleans, Louisiana, 1997

Active in:

  • Metairie, Louisiana,

Photo Caption:
Copyright unknown. From The Glade Gallery, New Orleans, LA.

Luce Artist Quote

“Every new work is a new adventure. Starting may be difficult, even painful, but then something will happen that excites me, something I’ve never done before . . . I try to empty my mind and eyes of all experiences, try to be totally present in the paint and color.” Ida Kohlmeyer, Christian Science Monitor, June 1986

Luce Artist Biography

Ida Kohlmeyer was inspired to go to art school when she was almost forty years of age, and encountered examples of Mexican ceramic folk art. She graduated with a master’s degree in drawing and painting from Newcomb Art School in 1956 and went to New York to study with the abstract expressionist painter Hans Hofmann. Hofmann had a huge impact on Kohlmeyer’s work, persuading her to abandon figurative painting in favor of abstraction. Her arrangements of brightly colored patterns on canvas gradually translated into sculpture, ranging from simple, painted cubes to twenty-foot-high constructions of abstract shapes.