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John Iversen Portrait

John Iversen

Hamburg, Germany 1953

Active in:

  • New York, New York
  • Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Photo Caption:
Copyright unknown.

Luce Artist Quote

“Jewelry has its own emotional experience . . . a very basic, primitive instinct. It’s what makes you say, ‘I want to put that on me.’” John Iversen in American Craft, June/July 1999

Luce Artist Biography

John Iversen moved to New York after studying metalsmithing in Germany and Canada. Unable to find a high-end studio to work for, he designed wedding rings until he decided to open his own workshop. He had little money and rented a work space instead of an apartment, sleeping on a cot and showering at the gym. He sold his work at Artwear, a chic, experimental jewelry gallery in New York’s Soho district. He is inspired by nature and creates objects that evoke the irregular shapes and textures of petals, seeds, and leaves.