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Carl Erickson

St. Paul, Minnesota 1954

Oak Park Heights, Minnesota 2011

Active in:

  • Stillwater, Minnesota

Luce Artist Quote

"As a potter the balance between form and function is primary to the crafting of my pottery. The constant refining of my shapes . . . and the striving to enhance the functional aspects of the pottery combine in each piece to create an elegantly usable item." Artist's statement

Luce Artist Biography

Carl Erickson studied studio arts at Bethel College in Minnesota, and worked in the area, using the surrounding landscape to inspire his ceramic pots. Erickson believed that the forms and designs that decorate them should result in a single, integrated piece. Although the artist carefully molded each pot, he did not want them to appear too precious to use. The stamps that he placed on the bottom of each pot signified that they are handmade and designate the season in which they were made.