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Sondra Sherman Portrait

Sondra Sherman

Also Known as: Sondra Sherman

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1958

Photo Caption:
Courtesy Sondra Sherman.

Luce Artist Quote

"It's important to me that a piece be wearable . . . It's fine if a piece is a little bit demanding and you cant wear it to work in a garden. But when the format puts the piece in danger, or it's seriously uncomfortable, then I think it's demanding too much. Sondra Sherman in Metalsmith, 1997

Luce Artist Biography

Sondra Sherman majored in painting and jewelry at the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia before moving to Germany in 1984. At the Akademie der Bildenden K√ľnste in Munich, Sherman's work reflected the school's emphasis on strong design. More recently, however, the artist's work has begun to express a sense of human character and emotion.