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Joan Takayama-Ogawa

Pasadena, California 1955

Luce Artist Quote

“Creative people know that what is ‘work’ is nothing of the sort. To understand what an artist does, is to consider the whole of his/her existence. The dedication borders on obsession . . .” Artist’s statement

Luce Artist Biography

Joan Takayama-Ogawa comes from a family that for six generations has been interested in ceramics, reaching back to relatives who produced pottery in Japan. At the age of thirty-five, and after receiving degrees in East Asian studies, geography, and education, Takayama-Ogawa began studying ceramics with Ralph Bacerra at the Otis Art Institute. The artist creates colorful teapots because of their association with Japanese culture. She uses ancient Japanese ceramic forms as her guide, but makes them contemporary by decorating them with imagery that represents her modern American life.