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Harlan W. Butt

Also Known as: Harlan Butt

Princeton, New Jersey 1950

Active in:

  • Denton, Texas

Luce Artist Quote

"On many of my pieces, the re-created landscapes . . . [hint] at the complexity of being both part of and in conflict with the natural world." Artist quoted in American Craft, October/November 2002

Luce Artist Biography

Harlan W. Butt is Regent's Professor at the University of North Texas, where he has led the metalsmithing program since 1976. A Zen Buddhist who learned his craft on many trips to Japan and India, the artist believes that behind all of the things that we see lies a liberating "emptiness . . . of infinite potential." His incense burners and enameled flower sculptures show a world of nature that is ordinarily unseen and always in a state of change.