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Michel Royston Portrait

Michel Royston

Also Known as: Michel Ann Royston

Berkeley, California 1947

Redding, California 2008

Active in:

  • Hat Creek, California

Photo Caption:
Courtesy Michel Royston.

Luce Artist Quote

"I love metal. I love the way the light hits it, revealing what has happened to it. Each time I pick up a hammer, hit the metal and watch it moving to my blow, I am intrigued again. It is direct cause and effect. I call it grace through violence." Royston, artist's Web site

Luce Artist Biography

Michel Royston works as a goldsmith in Hat Creek, California. She creates flatware and jewelry from stainless steel, silver, and gold, and sometimes incorporates exotic woods or semiprecious stones. Royston enjoys making flatware, because she sees knives and forks as "extensions of the body" and wants to make the experience of eating as comfortable, and celebratory, as possible.