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Stephen Merritt Portrait

Stephen Merritt

Rochester, New York 1947

Active in:

  • Japan

Photo Caption:
Courtesy Stephen Merritt

Luce Artist Quote

“. . . [ancient pots speak] of a marriage of clay, hand and spirit that I have come to recognize as the foundation for work of lasting value. Within this elusive combination lies a connection with the past and an anticipation of what might yet be that are, for me, what it means to be a potter.” Artist’s statement

Luce Artist Biography

Stephen Merritt’s ceramic technique was shaped by his studies in Japan with two Japanese ceramic masters, Seiho Ishikawa and Inoue Manji, the latter who was recognized by the Japanese government as a Living National Treasure in 1995. Merritt combines a Japanese style and mentality of pottery with Western techniques, which has allowed him to make small porcelain pieces and larger terra-cotta ones. He was first drawn to ceramics because of the strong connection he felt a pot could make between the artist and viewer no matter how old a piece was. Because of this, he has aimed to produce pots that speak to his individuality as an artist and human being and hopes to connect with his viewers on a personal level.