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Didi Suydam

Also Known as: Gertrude Geer Suydam

New York, New York, 1959

Active in:

  • Providence, Rhode Island,

Luce Artist Quote

“When designing jewelry, I consider the placement of the piece, how it uses and enters this space, as well as how it can compliment the feminine form. I want pieces to move, to sway, and to be felt, physically and visually.” Artist quoted in “Small Wonders,” The Providence Journal Bulletin, December 10, 1987

Luce Artist Biography

Didi Suydam is fascinated with ancient cultures and geometric shapes, and with “spiritually charged objects” such as arches, emblems, urns, or arrows, which she abstracts and incorporates into her jewelry. She does not include precious gems in her work, but favors sterling silver in creating pieces that have “an ancient feel to them.”