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Donald Friedlich Portrait

Donald Friedlich

Also Known as: Donald Friedlich

Montclair, New Jersey 1954

Active in:

  • Iowa City, Iowa

Photo Caption:
Courtesy Donald Friedlich.

Luce Artist Quote

“. . . my inspiration is drawn from the simplicity and order of the Japanese garden, the stability and refinement of geometric forms, the delicacy and texture of handmade paper and the monumentality and power of geological formations.” Donald Friedlich, Ornament, 1987

Luce Artist Biography

Donald Friedlich’s interest in art was stimulated by an encounter with an attractive jewelry designer on the ski slopes of Vermont. After this chance meeting, Friedlich decided to study jewelry at the University of Vermont and later at the Rhode Island School of Design. He likes to work in series and chooses unexpected materials and techniques to create a visual tension in his jewelry. For example, he often combines precious metals and gemstones with ordinary materials such as glass and slate.