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Samuel Frank Patania Portrait

Samuel Frank Patania

Tucson, Arizona 1961

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Luce Artist Quote

“A desire to learn drives my work. New techniques, symmetry, asymmetry, materials—all are areas which continue to drive my designs. Color captures my eye and the thought of the beautiful women who will wear my work keeps me inspired.” Samuel Frank Patania

Luce Artist Biography

Samuel Frank Patania studied art and jewelry in college to supplement the training he received as an apprentice in his family’s workshop. Patania’s fascination with the brilliant colors of gemstones differentiates his style from those of his father and grandfather. He incorporates precious metals and stones into his work, drawing inspiration from high fashion, art and ethnographic books, and the works of his forefathers. His father, Frank Patania Jr. and his grandfather Frank Patania Sr., are also represented in the Luce Foundation Center.