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Tom Joyce Portrait

Tom Joyce

Tulsa, Oklahoma 1956

Active in:

  • Santa Fe, New Mexico

Photo Caption:
Courtesy Tom Joyce.

Luce Artist Quote

“There’s nothing worse for a maker of things than having a feeling of complacency . . . If . . . a project feels so safe as to warrant no level of anxiety . . . then I believe it reflects a lack of effort on my part.” Artist quoted in Anvil Magazine, October 1999

Luce Artist Biography

Tom Joyce, who describes his education as “life experience,” spent his childhood summers in New Mexico, working for a printer and helping to salvage and repair old tools and machinery. He trained with no one, teaching himself first to be a “blacksmith” and then an “architectural blacksmith,” titles that he felt he “had to earn” (American Craft, February/March 1995). Joyce figures out how things are made by studying them, and believes that a discarded tool carries its own history inside it. The artist also believes that the iron has a “life-force” that is ignited by the strike of the hammer (Metalsmith, Summer 1999).