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Jim Melchert

Also Known as: James Frederick Melchert

New Bremen, Ohio 1930

Active in:

  • Oakland, California

Luce Artist Quote

“I would hope that people feel a little bit more alive after they encountered my work, because you would certainly love to have your work engage somebody's imagination, and it would be nice to have it be engaging both aesthetically and intellectually.” Artist’s statement, 2002

Luce Artist Biography

Jim Melchert graduated from Princeton University in 1952, where he majored in art history. He went on to study painting at the University of Chicago and in 1958 began to study with the sculptor Peter Voulkos at the University of California. After a few years, Melchert felt the need to break away from his mentor and began working on his own. From this point, he focused on content, working with many media, including painting, slide projections, and performance art.