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Irvin Tepper Portrait

Irvin Tepper

Also Known as: Irvin Tepper

St. Louis, Missouri 1947

Active in:

  • New York, New York

Photo Caption:
Copyright unknown

Luce Artist Quote

“Vulnerable and angst-ridden, these objects express the fragility of life combined with the calm resilience, appearing translucent and sublime.” Linda Huey, American Craft, December/January 2003-2004

Luce Artist Biography

Irvin Tepper earned degrees in both ceramics and sculpture, and has worked with drawing, photography, and video art. The artist favors porcelain for his sculptures because of its fragility and translucency. Since 1975, Tepper has been interested in how teacups bear witness to many conversations. He shows them as cracked and fragile, worn out from the years spent listening to and absorbing a range of human emotions.