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David LaPlantz Portrait

David LaPlantz

Toledo, Ohio 1944

Active in:

  • Bayside, California
  • Santa Fe, New Mexico

Photo Caption:
Courtesy David LaPlantz.

Luce Artist Quote

"I'm not going to tell someone I spent three hours designing a piece. I didn't. I took what was there . . . and made it work." David LaPlantz in Ornament 5:4, 1982

Luce Artist Biography

David LaPlantz went to school for metalworking, but did not begin making jewelry until a knee operation left him immobilized. Most of his pieces only take a few hours to complete, and are spontaneously designed. In the 1980s, LaPlantz taught thirty hours a week at Humboldt State University, and was still able to make hundreds of pieces of jewelry in a year.