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Lori Talcott Portrait

Lori Talcott

Olympia, Washington 1959

Active in:

  • Seattle, Washington

Luce Artist Quote

“If you look at a book on ethnic jewelry, it stops at the borders of Europe. It’s taboo to call it ethnic when it crosses the line into our own culture, but if you look below the surface of your own culture you’ll find that there are many interesting traditions there. . .” Lori Talcott, quoted in Metalsmith, Summer 1996

Luce Artist Biography

Lori Talcott grew up in the jewelry business and is the fourth generation to work in the family store. Talcott began making jewelry as a youth, after a goldsmith at her father’s store told her that her designs would be too difficult to make. She then studied metals at the University of Washington, and served an apprenticeship in Norway. Talcott draws ideas for her jewelry from music, literature, and travel, and enjoys learning about the devotional and folk jewelry of different cultures. Her most recent work, Arbor Mundi or “Tree of the World,” combines her interests in art and religion and shows how jewelry can reveal connections between all cultures, as well as the past, present, and future.