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Ron Fleming

Also Known as: Ronald F. Fleming

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 1937

Active in:

  • Tulsa, Oklahoma

Luce Artist Quote

"I can manipulate wood so as to emulate images. It is never my intention to copy nature exactly, but to give my interpretation of what I see." Ron Fleming, American Woodturner, 2001


Ron Fleming is a native of Oklahoma. He is a professional illustrator as well as a woodturner. He's received many awards for his work including the Grand Prize in the 1991 American Crafts Awards. His most recent exhibitions took place at Arizona State University in Tempe, Oklahoma State University in Okmulgee, del Mano Gallery in Los Angeles and the Walter Arts Center in Tulsa. He is active in the American Association of Woodturners and the Wood Turning Center.

White House Collection of American Crafts online exhibition at

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Luce Artist Biography

Ron Fleming grew up watching his father and grandfather work in wood and often crafted small items from natural materials such as feathers, hides and bones. He worked as an illustrator for forty years until a drawing of a rose inspired him to carve the shape from wood. Flemings vessels take their asymmetrical shapes, varying textures, and play of light and shadow from nature.