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Anders Lunde Portrait

Anders Lunde

Active in:

  • Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Photo Caption:
Courtesy Whirligigs in Silhouette by Anders S. Lunde. 1989.

Luce Artist Quote

"I guess I am an artist although I never planned to be one." Anders Lunde, Carolina Meadows press release "Whirligigs: Carved into His Heart," August 2002

Luce Artist Biography

Anders "Andy" Lunde studied sociology at St. Lawrence University and became a teacher. He served in the Army during World War II, worked for the U.S. Public Health Service, and only took up wood carving after he retired in 1979. His wife gave him a book on weather vanes, but Lunde was attracted to the chapter on whirligigs and tried to make one. He made his first whirligig completely flat, as it appeared in the book, and then couldn't understand why it didn't move! He eventually figured out the design and made three-dimensional figures that spun, nodded, or flapped in the wind. Lunde moved into an assisted living center in North Carolina after his wife died, and continues to fill his apartment with new and increasingly complicated whirligigs. (Carolina Meadows press release, "Touch of Gray," May/June 2001)