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Jennifer McCurdy Portrait

Jennifer McCurdy

Newport, Rhode Island 1955

Active in:

  • Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts

Photo Caption:
Tom McCurdy

Luce Artist Biography

Jennifer McCurdy became interested in pottery because of her grandmother, a watercolorist and flower arranger who collected unusual vases. McCurdy graduated from Michigan State University in 1978 with a BFA and moved to Boca Raton, where she took graduate classes at Florida Atlantic University. She specialized in porcelain and created functional pieces such as mugs, mixing bowls, and wall sconces. Eventually, she began to create sculptural objects, adding movement and line to the basic sphere shape, and removing bits of clay from the form. She acknowledges that the carving was only possible once she had developed and refined her clay-throwing ability. McCurdy works in a studio adjacent to her home on Martha’s Vineyard, constantly playing with new firing techniques and pushing the limits of the medium and her ability.