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Gari Melchers Portrait

Gari Melchers

Also Known as: Julius Gari Melchers, J. Gari Melchers

Detroit, Michigan 1860

Falmouth, Virginia 1932

Active in:

  • Egmond-aan-Zee, Netherlands
  • Weimar, Germany

Photo Caption:
Gari Melchers, Peter A. Juley & Son Collection, Smithsonian American Art Museum J0001978


Painter. An expatriate who studied in Dusseldorf and Paris and set up a studio in Holland. He painted in an academic style that reflected the influences of Impressionism and is best known for his renderings of Dutch villagers, often in religious observance.

Joan Stahl American Artists in Photographic Portraits from the Peter A. Juley & Son Collection (Washington, D.C. and Mineola, New York: National Museum of American Art and Dover Publications, Inc., 1995)