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Abram Belskie Portrait

Abram Belskie Portrait

Abram Belskie

London, England 1907


Active in:

  • Closter, New Jersey

Photo Caption:
Abram Belskie, Peter A. Juley & Son Collection, Smithsonian American Art Museum J0119856

Photo Caption:
Courtesy The Belskie Museum of Art & Science, Closter New Jersey.

Luce Artist Biography

Abram Belskie's passion for art emerged when he was very young. The artist opened his own studio in Glasgow, Scotland, when he was only eighteen, then moved to New York City at twenty-two to pursue a career as a sculptor. In 1939, Belskie began working with Dr. Robert Latou Dickinson to make sculptural models that have helped to train generations of medical students. Five years after Belskie's death the citizens of Closter, New Jersey, opened the Belskie Museum of Art and Science to honor the humanitarian sculptor.