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Norma Minkowitz

New York, New York 1937

Active in:

  • Westport, Connecticut

Luce Artist Quote

“My themes are generally universal, psychological, mysterious. I think the web-like structure of the surface gives a kind of ominous psychological quality . . . the viewer should look at it and get his own or her own feeling of what it is to them.” Artist’s statement, 2001

Luce Artist Biography

Norma Minkowitz’s small sculptures combine crocheting and drawing. At seven, she was taught by her mother to crochet, and the artist has spent her career transforming the traditionally feminine pastime into a medium for serious sculptors. Minkowitz began to see that by skipping stitches and varying the tension of the thread she could gain more control over the shape that emerged. She often crochets around objects to create a form that evokes the human body, a plant, or an animal.