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Philip Moulthrop Portrait

Philip Moulthrop

Also Known as: Philip Crotser Moulthrop, Philip C. Moulthrop

Atlanta, Georgia 1947

Active in:

  • Marietta, Georgia

Photo Caption:
Courtesy Philip Moulthrop.

Luce Artist Quote

“I would like people who see my work to feel a sense of beauty from the wood. I try to reveal the many patterns and colors which are found in the trees that we see every day.” Philip Moulthrop, 2000


Philip Moulthrop is the son of woodturner Edward Moulthrop. Philip lives in Marietta, Georgia. His work is represented in the collection of The High Museum of Art, Atlanta; the Kresge Art Museum, East Lansing, Michigan; and the Fine Arts Museum of the South, Mobile, Alabama. The American Craft Council has featured his work in exhibitions since 1982. And he has taken part in the International Turned Object Show three times—most recently in 1994. Philip Moulthrop is also trained as a lawyer.

White House Collection of American Crafts online exhibition at

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Luce Artist Biography

Philip Moulthrop learned to turn wood from his father, Edward. Together they have developed innovative tools and methods for turning large pieces of green wood. Philip worked as a biologist, chemist, and lawyer before eventually deciding to devote himself to woodturning. He experiments with unusual shapes and techniques, yet his objects retain the simple forms and smooth curves of his father’s large vessels. Philip enjoys discovering unusual grains and colors in a new piece of wood and orients the turning form to highlight these natural features.