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Ahron Ben-Shmuel Portrait

Ahron Ben-Shmuel

New York, New York 1903

Jerusalem, Israel 1984

Active in:

  • Pennsylvania

Photo Caption:
Gift of Panevka Cavel; courtesy of James A. Michener Archive

Luce Artist Quote

“We cannot plan to be Michelangelos but we can attain a skill and fluency of expression which will carry us to the limits of our vision.” Ahron Ben-Shmuel, Magazine of Art, 1940

Luce Artist Biography

Ahron Ben-Shmuel grew up watching his father carve wooden models of animals and carved figures from any material he could find, including sticks of chalk stolen from school and stone salvaged from demolition sites. He apprenticed as a monument carver for three years and worked with local sculptors, reproducing their models in stone. His work includes simplified portrait heads and figures carved from granite, marble, or wood.